Margaret Carr

Doctoral Dissertation Editor for

Argosy University
Arizona State University

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Details of costs, formatting, editing, and approximate turn-around times are listed below.

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I have been employed or self/employed in research fields since 1984. At the Schools of Business, University of Washington, I word processed business-related research papers from 1984 to 1989. My work with Arizona State University (ASU) starting in 1990 was in the fields of educational research (educational leadership, curriculum, and educational psychology). Starting in 1994, I have been formatting and editing doctoral dissertations (approximately 180 dissertations or more) for Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University doctoral students. Also at ASU, from February of 1999 through June of 2003, I worked with the review process for the Journal of American Indian Education, and was responsible for major editing of articles accepted for publication. My work at the University of Washington and Arizona State University involved working with doctoral students in various research projects.
I started formatting and editing Argosy dissertations as a result of an Arizona State University student recommending me to an Argosy student. Consequently, around May of 2011, the Argosy administrative staff in Phoenix asked if I would like to be on their U.S-wide list of editors. Since 1994, I have formatted and edited approximately 180 ASU doctoral students; and since June 2011, I have edited and formatted approximately 85 dissertations for Argosy students. I am grateful for the continual opportunities of working with ASU students since 1994 and Argosy students since 2011; and I hope I can be of help.


The costs can be approximated by the following:
1. A deposit of $330.00 is non-refundable and covers the first 15 hours of work.
2. The deposit of $330.00 ($22.00 per hour) also includes reviewing your document and making formatting suggestions that could defray my costs.
3. Hours above the first 15 hours are $20.00 per hour.
4. A dissertation between 80 and 120 pages spans approximately 17 to 24 hours. The variation in hours depends on the number of references, number of citations, number of tables, number of figures, and number of appendices. Clarity of writing could be the number one factor.
5. Dissertations above 125 pages can be approximated at an approximate 6 to 8 hours for every additional 50 pages. So a dissertation that is 175 to 200 pages could cost approximately $450.00 to $500.00.
6. Turn-around time is approximately 10 days.


As a result of my continuous experience, I have developed a system that I find, and the students I have worked for, to be thorough. I hope this will help you in your selection of me as an editor:

1. I have already developed basic templates for Argosy and ASU students that include the beginning pages, page numbering throughout the document, margins throughout the document, and the appendix title pages.
2. My first piece of work with your document is to format and edit your references. I have learned to google very effectively for missing parts in the references. I also find googling for missing information is better timewise, as I can complete the task and do not have to ask you to look up the information.
3. I then check your authors and citations against the references for missing references, differences in spelling between the reference list and what is in the body of your text, the year of the reference, the order of the citations within the parentheses, and unused references.
4. I format tables according to APA. However, if you have downloaded tables from databases or have tables that a statistician has developed for you, there may not be a possibility of putting them into APA format, either because of how they are laid out or the content is not presented in a column-row format. I may have to make new tables to get them into an APA format. Regardless of the table's layout, I check for the following: (a) format the table number line and the title line; (b) make sure the tables are within the margins; it may be necessary to put them in landscape mode; and (c) Complete and format any notes or notations at the bottom of each table.
5. For figures, I format the title and any notes or notations at the bottom of each figure.
6. My work with APA's mandatory levels of headings includes compiling the Table of Contents, Table of Tables, Table of Figures, and Table of Appendices.
7. Because I have read the APA manuals through, including APA's 6th edition, I am very familiar with capitalization, hyphens, the different dashes, abbreviations, numbered lists, bulleted lists, and plurals of numbers. I compiled a 16-page document of APA's 6th edition rules for a cohort at ASU.
8. I check grammar, plurals, tenses, syntax, and transitional sentences.
9. For qualitative work, my education and work as a court reporter in the past has given me a great advantage in this work because I know how verbatim speech should be transcribed so as to be understood. I am very experienced with quoted material, particularly APA's rules for such.
10. I am experienced with both inferential statistics and descriptive statistics.
11. I know the research process.
12. I check for accuracy of page numbers against the lists in the beginning pages.
13. I write up abstracts.