Doctoral Polishing

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Margaret Carr
Mesa, Arizona

Available Services
Doctoral Dissertation Editor

My experience covers medical areas, as I was a medical abstractor at the hospital then known as Orange County Hospital in Orange California. While living in Orange County, I obtained a certificate in court reporting with the Orange County College of Court Reporting.

I then obtained state certifications with the State of Oklahoma and the State of Oregon. Being a court reporter gave me the experience of working with verbatim transcription work.

I then worked with professors for five years at the Schools of Business, University of Washington, in Seattle where I edited and formatted their research papers.

Then in 1990, I was an administrative worker for research projects approximately seven years at Arizona State University, during which time I helped with finalizing research reports, by editing, formatting, and generating graphs.

I then spent another four years at Arizona State University as the technology editor for the Journal of American Education where I worked with authors submitting their articles for publication, edited the articles for publication, and finalized the formatting and editing for each journal.

My 11 years of work at Arizona State University put me in contact with doctoral students where I began formatting and editing dissertations since 1994.

Including all other educational institutions, I have completed over 350 dissertations. My main work has been with Arizona State University, College of Education since 1990; and with Argosy since 2011.

Upon completion, I provide two documents: one showing the edits and one that is completed entirely, ready to send to doctoral committee personnel. I format the document so it is ready to send to Proquest. Very little do-it-yourself left to do.

Approximate Turnaround Time
Sometimes sooner, but 5 to 7 days, or agreed-upon time.
Basic Fee Structure
The basic fee structure is $20.00 per hour.
Deposits for all work is $100.00.
The deposit of $100.00 covers the first five hours of work.
Approximate time for completed dissertations up to 80 pages is approximately 14 to 17 hours, averaging between $280.00 and $340.00.
Approximate time for completed dissertations between 81 pages up to 120 pages is approximately 17 to 20 hours, averaging between $340.00 and $400.00.
For dissertations above 120 pages, please forward your document so I can give you a better estimate. It takes approximately one hour for every six pages above the 120 pages.
If your document has a large number of appendices that do not need a lot of formatting and your chapters are less than 120 pages, the charges may fall into the 80-to-120-page range.
I use Paypal for billing. You do not need to be a Paypal customer to pay me.